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As far as I remember, no great travel tales began with Once Upon a Time but with ‘I rode my Bike across the………………’, and then it never ended- because once the Bike hits the road, it is just you and the destination ahead. And when it’s just you and your bike- no other things matter- No distractions, no commitments and no worldly desires.


You must have done a plenty of road trips on Royal Enfield, zoomed past the speeding trucks on your Pulsar 220 or conquered the off-roads with Himalayan, but there are still destinations craving for your arrival. It is time- you fill the fuel tank and accelerate further. Here is a list of some of the most adventurous motorbike routes in India:


No doubt, Ladakh is a dream motorbike destination and widely bookmarked in my rider’s wish list. Loaded with roads at high altitudes and curves, the state of Jammu and Kashmir offers a challenging yet adventurous bike ride you would hate missing.


The rough weather, rugged trail and unpredictable turns with continuous risk of landslides is sure to keep the bikers on their toes. Ladkah might be the land of high mountain passes, beautiful lakes, Buddhist monasteries and unpaved roads- but still how much it gets hazardous, the biker in you won’t break down.

Darjeeling to Sikkim, Northeast India

Within the community, it is believed that if you have not ridden to the northeastern part of India, you haven’t reached your destination. With meandering roads and abundant natural surroundings, the motorbike ride in this region leaves the bikers enthralled. The route from Darjeeling to Sikkim offers a scenic yet steep and winding tracks.


The bike trail here is no way considered easy and is sure to keep the adrenaline rushing. Witness the heady mélange of fine hill culture that makes this route an anticipated one by both an adventurist and photographers. The view of the Kanchenjunga is real attraction.

Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh

Add this to the list as well- one of the most challenging bike trails in India is in Spiti Valley, Himachal. With lot of resemblance to Ladakh, it gets to be a second-best option to put the gears up if your plan to ride the bike to Ladakh don’t workout. The road here too offers the similar adrenaline rush and the guts to ride the motorbike.


Visit the highest villages of the Asia- Spiti, Kibber, Kaza, Tabo and Pin valley that makes up for some stunningly beautiful visuals of remote places and Kinnaur region with a view of Satluj river and snow-capped monasteries.

Mumbai to Goa

Of course, who would not love to ride to Goa on their bikes- especially when the season is on. One of the famous road trips ever mentioned in the travelogue journals, the NH17 (National Highway 17) leads the route along the western coastline of the country.


The ride to Goa from Mumbai is in itself a beauty with exquisite landscape and view to die for (Ride Safe, you don’t need to RIP as its just the beginning of your travel story).

Rann of Kutch

Well- that’s one destination I feel like riding now. And I am sure the pro bikers will happily take this challenge to ride on this route. Ahmadabad to Kutch is a God made trail that one will be stupid to miss.


From hustle-bustle of the city to the remoteness of the Kutch, the bike ride in this route is in itself an experience. Ride through the white salt desert and salt marsh, and en-route halt at the Indian Wild Ass Sanctuary located in the little Rann of Kucth.

The best time for undertaking motorcycle tours in India totally depends on the place you want to go. If you are riding towards Ladakh or Spiti, it is recommended to ride between the pleasant season of May and October. The Winter season is ideal for trailing the roads of West coast. But then the Biker in you is restless- he/she doesn’t care about the loaded snows or the scorching sun- for them the best time is ALL YEAR AROUND. So gear up, suit up and boot up- its time you lift your lazy bumps and kick the S*** out of…(we don’t promote foul languages, seriously we don’t). It is time to Move the Soul, it is time to move the wheels.

Have Suggestions on more motorbike routes? Think we missed the List? Be helpful and happy to add more!!