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Traveling is more than packing bags and heading out. It is more about taking control; control over emotions, sentiments and life. Travel mend everything that have been broken, not just in movies but in reality too. I know many of you must have been heartbroken this Valentine’s Day- giving your best shots at sending proposals to your crush- but in vain and might have got rejected.

STOP being a Loser- rather Travel to mend your broken heart this year. It is advisable to find Yourself than lose Yourself for Someone who least care. To do this, You must become someone else. You must become something else- A Traveler. Here is a list of Best Travel Destinations to Heal a Broken Heart.



Everyone living in this planet is aware of what Kasol is famous for. But don’t forget the healing power of its mountains as you get a chance to enjoy the Green Gifts found in Parvati Valley. Heartbroken? Take a trip to Kasol with a close friend and let go whatever has been obstructing your mind- even if it means that pretty Girl Next Door.



Sometimes moving ahead is all you need, to restore that broken heart. An escape to reality is all you need. Traveling to a place where no one knows you and your past, is a perfect place to start all over again- and let go the sorrows. Chitkul, a village in Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh is the last inhabited village near the Indo-China border is a perfect gateway to mend your heart.

Ziro Valley


When nothing seems to fix that heartache, then a humanitarian approach works best. Experience living in sync with nature, undisturbed by modern interference to realize that is there is more to learn about living than just dwelling on a heartbreak.



What better place to drink up your sorrows than on the intoxicating beaches of Goa. Not promoting alcoholism, but sometimes sitting around a group of friends with cold beer and watching the sun go down is all the therapy you need!



A quaint town on the shores of Bay of Bengal exudes comfortable strangeness. An ideal getaway from city but not too far away from the urban world. Let the sea take away whatever you don’t want. In fact given the travelers who love Pondicherry there is a high possibility you will come across many exciting new people!

Travel… Fall in Love AGAIN!! and Be HAPPY!!


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