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Is Finn McMissile an Aston Martin DB5?

Finn McMissile is a fictional character from the movie Cars 2. He is a British spy and an Aston Martin DB5. The DB5 model was first released in 1963 and was popularized by the James Bond movies. The car featured in the film is a replica of the original, complete with gadgets and weaponry. It has a V8 engine, a five-speed manual transmission, and a distinctive body style. Finn McMissile's car is a reminder of the classic cars of the past and a symbol of British cool.

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Why is Pixar making a third Cars movie?

Pixar is making a third Cars movie, which is set to be released in summer of 2021. The movie will continue the story of Lightning McQueen and his friends, who are still on the racing circuit. It is believed that this movie will focus more on the character development and relationships between the characters, rather than on the racing aspect. The movie will also include a new character, voiced by Chris Cooper, and will feature the same voice cast from the previous two films. The release of the movie will mark the 15th anniversary of the original Cars movie, and is sure to delight fans of the franchise.

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