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December isn’t just the end of the year; it means the New Year is knocking right at your doorsteps, and the time to start planning your next getaway. Whether you are regular Himachal Parivaahan Bus rider or an International jetsetter or more of a ‘let me make a good use of my legs’ type traveler- nothing is complete without some good pocket-sized gadgets. Usually it’s the smartphone that accompanies the travelers as their sole point of All things Tech.


While smartphones have become kind of essential for communication and entertainment, over dependence can be bad. So, at times its good to unplug and get hold off some other useful travel gadgets that come quite handy during the expeditions.

Luggage-GPS Tracking Devices


Travelers can make a good use of luggage-tracking devices like Tile tag or Yoky tag to keep a check on their baggage. At times, while in public transport or at marketplace- the chances of losing the luggage is higher. It is essential to tag them with these tracking devices that usually have range of 100 to 200 feet.

Dual-USB Storage Drives


Dual-USB storage drives always found their usefulness in every situation or places. The drives are useful for transferring data from one device to another while on the go. Travelers can carry SanDisk and other dual-USB thumb drives that come in different storage capacities. Best suited for backpackers and trekkers who are in habit to capture the unexpected moments on the go.

Point-and-shoot/DSLR Cameras


Well, as mentioned above- the travelers who are also photography enthusiasts won’t mind carrying good Point-and-shoot or DSLR cameras. Trekkers, backpackers, bikers, hitchhikers, nature fanboys or adventure seekrs can even attach a GoPro HD action camera with them to record different scenarios and activities of the expeditions.

Portable Charger


One of the most important gadgets that act as a life savior while on the trails leading to the unknown. Make sure to get hold-off high-capacity portable chargers/power banks from Intex, Sony, Samsung, Lenovo, Ambrane, Asusm, iPro and others. Most of the power banks can charge two devices at a single time.

Kindle eBook Reader


For those travelers who are also an avid reader, a Kindle in your bag isn’t a bad option. Of course, it might not replace a hardcover book or paperback, but Kindle’s sheer convenience of being able to carry hundreds of books digitally at a time is unquestionable.

Solar-Powered Charger


Yes, we have included a portable charger but there is no harm in adding something more clean and useful. We are talking about a solar-powered charger that consumes energy right from sun radiation and helps in charging your phone and other small electronics. On the other hand, to charge the devices, you will need to charge your portable power banks too, but with Solar-Powered Charger- the sun does the work.

Swiss Knife


One of the most useful accessories you will want to add in your list. The Swiss Knife is one such tool kit that comes handy for your outdoor adventure. Two large blades, a wire-stripper, a hook, a corkscrew, a woodsaw and basically every primary tool one can expect to fit into this 3.5 inch compact toolkit.



From impromptu backpacking expeditions to a week-long trekking adventures, headlamps can be counted as one of the must have gadget/gears in your list. It offers a maximum visibility up to 35 meters, and is lightweight and compact.

Have Suggestions on other rafting destinations? Think we missed the List? Be helpful and happy to add more!!