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A tranquil river, an offbeat place, camping by the stream, spirited travel partners, adventure sports and an exquisite travel experience with brimming adrenaline rush- if this is what the traveler in you is looking for then TROYO is bringing you a mesmerizing escape to Barot Valley.

Barot Valley prospers in the lap of the great Himalayas and imbibes a sense of calmness among the travelers. Located in Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh and contoured by Uhl River, Barot remains uncrowded most of the year barring the summer season.

Organised by Troyo, the Epic Trip To Barot Valley 2.0 will take you to Mandi district in Himachal Pradesh. Planned for the Long Eid Weekend, this is just the trip you need to take if you’re more than ready for your summer vacation, thank you very much.

Your Trip Includes Travel + Accommodation + Food + Trek + Water Sports and Everything You Can Think Of.

Who Is It For?

Travel enthusiasts, wanderers and solo travelers who love to indulge in exploration, trekking, camping, water sports and other outdoor activities; this hill holiday is for those who want to switch things up and steer clear of touristy mountain sights.

What Will it Cost ???

Firstly, just at Rs 6666, the Barot Valley 2.0 Trip is a damn good deal. It includes everything a travel enthusiasts can think of. One can cut down the cost to Rs 3999 you can further reduce the cost if you decide to drive there on your own, or doss down in triple-sharing accommodation (Rs 5999).

However, the reason it will excite is that the Barot Valley Trip promises hard-to-forget travel memories. Earnest trekkers will find the Barot trails to be an explorer’s paradise. Imagine a bonfire under the stars, a walk through sprawling tea gardens and a visit to fisheries, indulge in forest trek and spot fishing, authentic food experiences– the 4-day itinerary is packed and you’ll love it.

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