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From mid-July to mid-September, the capital of Himachal Pradesh is wreathed in cloud, and in winter Shimla becomes a good appetite-whetter for the awe-inspiring snow carpeting. Strung out along a long 12-kilometer ridge, the infamous the summer capital of British India is one of India’s most popular hill resorts, crowded with a happy flow of Indian and global tourists. The town is known for its long winding main street, the Mall road, where traffic is banned, making it a pleasant walk till the Christ church. The bustling bazaar and happy crowd make Shimla out of fairy tale for every vacationerThe Himachal capital has now officially run out of the water. In the last few days, the town has been in news for severe water shortage, with locales waiting for hours and days to get access to clean water delivered into their homes.

And it is time, you make sure to postpone your summer holidays to Shimla and around this time, and take a U-turn to some other destinations, giving it a time to heal.Moreover, the residents of Shimla have urged the tourists to cancel their bookings, and give the quaint town time to breathe and recover. It is facing a massive water crisis, and if you really care, just cancel all your bookings to Shimla.

It is believed that Shimla’s water crisis has been caused due to multiple factors: population explosion and climate change, unplanned urban growth, large-scale deforestation – which all leads to much lower flow and recharge of water in the region.

The social media channels have been filled with locals urging tourists to stay from Shimla for a while, giving it a chance to recover. Nearly 200,000 residents of Shimla and region around have been forced to stand in long lines with plastic buckets in hand to get water from tanks provided by city officials.