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For many years, Roopkund, the beautiful and mysterious lake has held the attention of trekkers not only because of the enchanting landscape surrounding it but also because of the presence of several bones and skeletons that can be seen in its waters. With a plethora of questions and ideas that varied from my health to my ability to climb up the ladder of doubts, I undertook the 7-day journey that changed the layers of my very core.The journey started at Delhi’s Kashmere Gate and culminated at Roopkund with various halts at places like Haldwani, Loharjung, the village of Didna and so on. The perfect ambience with amenities missing like lights and a good network made for perfect evenings with a bunch of 21 strangers fitting in like a puzzle that was waiting to be completed.Our trek guides Mr. Mukul Bhatnagar and Mr. Lakshman were the most suited leaders for the endeavor as they left no stone unturned to make sure that each member gives her/his complete input and reaches the pinnacle everyone had thought of initially. Being the only woman present in a trekking group of 21 didn’t for a single moment made me feel uncomfortable. A solid group of well-mannered boys/men made sure that they were at their ethical best while traveling with a female trekker.The food, the tents, the night stars, the sparkling water from little springs, everything cumulatively made for my first and possibly the best trekking experience.

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All the time I spent panting up the mountains, waiting for the rest point, waiting to have a sip of water, waiting to stand and wait, waiting to lay my back down, waiting to breathe, has made today.A world full of sweat, chills, waterless pits, trekking poles, a good tan and ceaseless banter is what awaits you if you wish to go trek.

All for that one moment of love, will, respect and definition- Kanika Chawla