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Choosing Kashmir for a trip was one of the best decisions of my life. Where I could not stop appreciating God for the beauty and resources he has made for the man. With lush green valleys, unpredictable weather, snow covered mountains, Dal Lake, streams, rivers and of course beautiful people, exploring Kashmir is worth every single penny spent.

We think mountains are same but Kashmir has altogether different kinds of mountains.. all steep ones. It’s not odd to wonder how the people and kings and queens were able to travel to that place in the absence of airplanes, trains or even cars. And were able to make Shalimar and Nishat from the stones of  Rajasthan. It would have been so laborious and tedious task.

Once you go in the gardens, you wouldn’t want to come back leaving the beautiful streams, architecture, lush green patches and picturesque surroundings all around where you want to capture everything in your camera. You can easily travel amidst the city in the public transport in mini buses or cars.

Since Kashmir is known for various things like its clothes, embroidery, dry fruits, saffron and what not… so in Srinagar the best place to shop at the best prices is Lal Chowk market. Where you can get anything and everything. The second best and unique place to shop is Dal lake market. Yes you read that right! The whole world exists in Dal Lake from showrooms to goldsmith to a butcher selling things via floating market.

The Tulip Garden of Srinagar would take your breath away when you get to see same colored tulips in the same row until your eyes can see.

Moving on to Gulmarg (gul-flowers, marg-way), a heaven on Earth. Snow covered and a valley of flowers during summers that is why it has got it’s name. There are actually lots of activities and sports on which you can try your hand on. Also due to excessive snowfall, every year winters games are held in Gulmarg.

Pahalgam, a serene riverside place is little far from Srinagar but it’s a place worth visiting having a variety of flora and fauna around. At an altitude of 7250 plus feet, Ranjit Nanda designed a golf course for the enthusiasts to give your adrenaline a good amount of rush.

Truly Kashmir is beauty in itself and if you want to take a glimpse of a Paradise, go Kashmir.