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A lot of people travel to learn something new, find diverse societies and individuals or just to open their psyches. Be that as it may, the greater part of us travel for a change of landscape, a break from our every day schedule and unwind ourselves to the world that is calm and peaceful. However, if we want to rest well, we need to make ourselves comfortable even while travelling. That is the reason, we have collated a list of top Weird Travel Gadgets that are uncanny yet perfectly useful gadgets that might let you fully enjoy your vacation.

Sandals With a Metal Detecting DeviceIf you’ve always dreamed of being a gold digger and finding treasure but you’re too shy to walk around with a metal detector, then these sandals are just Weird Travel Gadgets for you! When there’s treasure beneath them, you’ll feel them vibrating. It’s a cool way to look for gold deposits without attracting too much attention. But maybe you should hide the battery affixed to your leg under your pants to make them look like simple sandals. Otherwise, this construction might look a bit weird.

Rolling SuitcaseThis is an amazing hybrid of a scooter and a suitcase. If your baggage is too heavy to carry in your arms, you can roll it like a scooter. You’ll have a lot of fun, you’ll have your hands free, and you won’t get tired from carrying all your stuff in these Weird Travel Gadgets.

Sleeping Bag OnesieThis Weird Travel Gadgets is for those who are very sensitive to cold or simply love to sleep anywhere possible. A onesie sleeping bag is a very useful thing for camping. It’ll save space in your baggage (you won’t need to carry a sleeping bag because you just wear it), and it’ll warm you up in the cold forest at night.

Emergency ChargerA very useful Weird Travel Gadgets nowadays when we have all our lives on our phones. If you’ve gotten into a bad situation where your phone battery is low, or if your phone is already off and there is no place to charge it, you should use this tool. You need to connect your phone to this gadget using your USB cable, and then simply twist the knob to charge your phone and be saved. But, of course, it’s mostly useful for emergency cases: one minute of twisting the knob gives your phone about 4 minutes of life to make a call or send a text.

Anti-Mosquito SocksThese socks are not just warm, soft, and adorned with funny prints. They are Care Plus socks, and this company makes products which help us to fight off insects, especially mosquitos and ticks. They produce socks for both adults and children. These socks are made of Coolmax and bamboo viscose, which protect your feet in different terrains and conditions. Your feet will stay warm, won’t sweat, and will be untouchable for annoying and dangerous insects.