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Remember Tony Starks’s Iron Man face mask with the cool display? NUVIZ has introduced something similar, the world’s first motorcycle helmet with Head-Up Display system. After multiple attempts by various companies across the globe, the world’s first Head-Up Display motorcycle helmet has hit the shelves for sale. NUVIZ together with its giant financial support from Pierer Industrie, which happens to be the parent company of KTM and Husqvarna are finally ready with the revolutionary product into production.

The asking price is at $699 (around Rs 46000) which includes GPS, communication system together with video and image capturing capabilities.

NUVIZ is the first all-in-one motorcycle Head-Up Display (HUD) with intuitive controls that reduces distraction and enhances your ride by providing custom information needed on the ride, all within your natural line of sight. The HUD system uses an 8MP camera to fit 800 x 480 resolution images to the rider via its The LCOS micro-display (Liquid Crystal on Silicon Microdisplay-based Projection Engine).

NUVIZ allows riders to integrate many technological functions into one helmet-mounted device. Removing the need for individual devices for music, photo/video, navigation and communication, means less distraction, less fiddling and more attention to the road ahead. Adding a NUVIZ to your choice of helmet means the end of riding with mounts and cables cluttering your bike. Now with everything integrated into one device, the road trip will be much more enjoyable and efficient.

The HUD system for motorcycle helmets created by NUVIZ is no normal system with basic functions. The NUVIZ unit is a fully functional GPS plus communications system that can be linked to your smart phone using Bluetooth connectivity.

What’s even more exciting about the NUVIZ system allows users to capture photos and record videos as well. The unit is mounted on the lower right hand side of the helmet and the display is set up on the lower right corner of the rider’s overall vision. It is said that the installing the NUVIZ unit which includes earpieces and microphone is no different than other in-helmet communication systems available in the market today.

With a touch of a button, the system boots up as fast as your phone and will be activated once the app is launched using your phone making it very user-friendly. The LCOS micro-display (Liquid Crystal on Silicon Microdisplay-based Projection Engine) feeds full-color images to the rider at an 800 x 480 resolution that’s able to adjust its brightness automatically depending on the weather conditions.

The NUVIZ unit also comes with a thumb controller that can be mounted on the left side of the bike’s handlebar which can assist in toggling between the GPS, Dashboard, Music, Calls and Rides. It is safe to say that the system has been tested and a lot of positive feedback has been gathered by NUVIZ. The best part is that the system can last between four to seven hours depending on what you use it for. Similar to your smart phone, bigger and heavier functions like video recording will seep out the battery life but four hours minimum sounds like a good deal to us.

NUVIZ is a compact and easy-to-use Head-Up Display (HUD) that incorporates all the device functionality you need into one intuitive and distraction-free device that makes your road trip intriguing.