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The streets of Jama Masjid become a paradise for food lovers during Ramadan. The foodies can be found trailing each corner of the Matia Mahal lanes in search of delicious food till late night. While some places are popular, some are pure hidden gems – but you haven’t experienced Jama Masjid food, till you have not gulped down the spicy butter chicken and delicious rasmalai in these eating joints:

Al Jawahar for Chicken Jahangiri

Just opposite Jama Masjid Gate No 1, there is a tough competitor standing next door to Karim. Some foodies believe it is better than Karim? And we do agree on this. People are here for Al Jawahar’s delectable biryani, but we would also recommend do try their Chicken Jahangiri, along with Shaami Kebabs, Shikh Kebabs and Mutton Achaar Biriyani. We are sure Ramadan’s nights are going to become happier at Al Jawahar with their delicious menu.

Price: Rs 230 for Half Plate

Rehmatullah Hotel for Sheermal

After digging into the delicious and spicy Chicken Jahangiri, Shaami Kebabs, Shikh Kebabs and Mutton Achaar Biriyani, make sure you also try Mughlai sweet bread – Sheermal from Rehmatullah Hotel. Located just ahead of Al Jawahar, this shop offers sweet, fresh and soft bread. The sheermal gets its name from the milk – sheer is Persian for milk – that’s added along with ghee and sugar to the dough. The bread that’s served with generous lashings of ghee is paired with spicy dishes like stew, nahari and qorma and with desserts like phirni and rabri, or can be eaten solo.

Price: Rs 20 each

Haji Mohamad Hussain for Fried Chicken

Mohammad Hussain Chicken Fry is a 20 year old eating joint. Situated on the left side of Jama Masjid on the Matia Mahal Road, it has been known for its fried food items. People for years have been coming here to enjoy the chicken and fish fries made here with some secret spices which the cook never shares. Don’t miss this one, when visiting Old Delhi, for it will make you forget KFC, we promise.

Price: Rs 400 for Full Plate

Aslam’s Chicken Corner for Butter Chicken

Make sure to give yourself a treat of roasted and buttered chicken at Aslam’s Chicken Corner on the Matia Mahal Road, Jama Masjid, just ahead of Haji Mohamad Hussain. Once the succulent chicken morsels have been grilled, you can eat them right away with a sprinkle of masala or opt for the butter version where they dunk your chicken into butter gravy, making it a greasy and delicious affair- And we highly recommend this. All of this is served with Rumali Roti, Raita and some salad.

Price: Rs 400 for Full Plate

Babu Bhai Kebab Wale for Seekh Kabab

Just 100 meters from Aslam’s Chicken Corner, Babu Bhai Kebab Wale serves aromatic and delicious Buff Dora kebabs. This tiny kebab shop sells Buff Dora kebabs for Rs 10 only. The kebabs here are extremely spicy and tender, served with chutney and radish salad. One bite, and it will take over your taste buds.

Price: Rs 10 each

Haji Shabrati Nahari Wale for Nahari Kulcha

Established in 1957, Haji Shabrati Nihari Wale serves the most delicious Nihari in you will eat in Jama Masjid. The soft mutton of their Nahari just falls apart with a gentle touch, and we fell in love with it in just one bite. The use of rich Indian spices adds a distinct aroma and taste to the dish. The Buff meat for Nihari is prepared along-with the bone marrow which makes the overall preparation more greasy and unique.

Price: Rs 50 for a Plate

Sheeren Bhawan for Rasmalai

Sheeren Bhawan in the Chitli Qabar Bazaar near Jama Masjid in Old Delhi has been around for 50 odd years now, and is the only shop in the area where one can treat themselves with mouthwatering Rasmalai. The place is known to prepare the Rasmalai with extra soft texture and the sweetness. The milk has a strong flavor of cardamom which makes the sweet dish very refreshing.

Price: Rs 25 per Piece

Rizk Kashmiri Wazwan for Namkeen Chai and Lavasa

Who doesn’t love tea? When you have tasted enough of the delicacies of the Purani Dilli, make sure to get a sip of Namkeen Chai along with Lavasa at Rizk Kashmiri Wazwan. Don’t confuse it with your regular Chai, its slightly salty, but you will love it. One can have the tea with a piece of Lavasa – crispy bread made in tandoor.

Price: Rs 20 with Lavasa

Fasting, Feasting: Relishing The Old Delhi Delicacies With a Ramzan Food Walk Near Jama Masjid !!