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The pristine untouched beauty of the Khauli Pass leaves most visitors amazed and even makes them fall in love with nature once again. Khauli Pass is located in the Kanawar Wildlife Sanctuary in the Parvathi River Valley near Manikkaram in Kullu. Situated at a height of 12,800 feet above sea level, it is one of the most charming yet long forgotten treks in Himachal Pradesh. At an altitude of 3750 meters, Khauli Pass is one of those forgotten treks that were charming once but with winds of “development”, it was forgotten. Beauty of this trek lies in contradictions. Green trail along side the Hurla nala on one side, view of the snow laden peaks like Hanuman tibba, Friendship peak, Indersen from the pass and snow covered ( for at least six months a year ) meadows on the other side of the pass.

The trek offers a lush green trail of this one of the most astounding destinations for trekking in Himachal Pradesh, gives the trekkers the feeling of returning to the womb of Mother Nature. They feel a soothing calm descend on their very being as they traverse the rarely travelled mountain trail dripping with unparalleled beauty. The Khauli Pass trek takes the participants up to a relatively small mountain pass located high up in the mountains of Kullu. The pass is covered with snow for around seven months of the year, but this does not prevent the adventure enthusiasts from coming here to enjoy the unique beauty of the region. The trail offers everything that a trekking aficionado would wish for. The views of the towering peaks and giant glaciers, the walk through the bewitching landscape and the enchanting sight of buttercups and orchids in colors ranging from dark purple to pale pink, all combine to make it a perfect trek for the participants coming here from all parts of India and the world.

The trek is usually completed over a period of three days and two nights, and offers a refreshing contrast from the sweltering heat, deafening noise and the unhealthy dust of the plains. The calm lush green surroundings filled with the pleasing noises of nature make the trekkers feel relaxed despite the arduous walk they need to undertake to complete the trip. As the participants make their way across the upper reaches of the Himalayas, they are re-introduced to a life that is devoid of any luxury but is full of happiness and satisfaction.

The best time to trek this pass is from the months of May to October. The distance of the trek is about 48 kms. You would need around 3 to 4 days to reach the peak. This trek can be categorized as medium in terms of difficulty.

This is a Possible Itinerary for Khauli Pass Trek:

Day 1: Kasaul to Garahan – This is about a 10 km stretch. You have to follow the trail from the Garahan Nala to the Graham Hamlet.

Day 2: Garahan to Padri – This is about a 7 km stretch. You will be taking the trail from Garahan Hamlet to Padri Meadow.

Day 3: Padri to Khauli Pass – This is about a 14 km stretch. This is a steep and challenging route which is the Khauli Pass. You’d also camp at Manihar, which is a few kms away from Khauli Pass.

Day 4: Manihar to Jhuni – This is about 17 kms. This is the start of the descent; it’s a bit steep as you approach Hurla Nala. Camp is at Jhuni.

Day 5: Jhuni to Garsa – This is the end of the trek. You can directly ride a bus from Jhuni to Kullu.