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India is a land of stunningly beautiful landscapes and destinations that offers a great lifetime opportunity to the brave heart trekkers trailing the high altitude regions. The mammoth Himalayan valley is a home to a number of trails that offer beautiful sight seeing opportunities, and at the same time are challenging. For those trekking enthusiasts, who are those interested in unraveling the secrets of the mountains, here trekking will not just test the stamina and endurance, but might also break you down. But remember- it’s the destination and the will that will keep you ahead of all suffering and fears.

Here is a list of most challenging treks that that are every adventurer’s dream

Roop Kund Trek, Uttarakhand

Known for its mysterious lake of skeletons, the place called Lohajung is also a starting point of famous trekking destination Roop Kund in Uttarakhand. The trek usually takes 4-5 days to finish, and takes the backpackers along the splendid scenes that are full of ice and snow along with lush fauna and alluring meadows, all at the height of 16000 feet.


Remember, at this altitude the oxygen level lowers down, and hailstorms often restricts the moving for the hikers. Bets season to trek in Roop Kund is between August to October.

Chadar Trek, Ladakh

Located on the frozen Zanskar River, Chadar Trek is one of the most dangerous and challenging trek route in India. This God made destination makes the hikers walk on the a thin sheet of ice that covers almost every corner of the river, which is also only the medium to connect with the people during the freezing temperature.


The sub-zero temperature tests each level of your survival skills. Leh is the starting point of the trek. Professional hikers and experienced trekkers are recommended. Best time to visit is from January to February.

Hemis National Park Trek

Hemis National Park is one of the highest abode for the wild. It is surrounded with breathtaking landscape. The sub-zero temperature defines the challenge of the trek.


And if you overcome that, then there are sightings of snow-leopards that will feast on your frozen body. The maximum elevation of Hemis National Park trek varies from 3500 meter to 6000 meter above sea level.

Rupin Pass Trail

Rupin Pass Trail is an abode to stunning natural surroundings and extraordinary sceneries- sounds fun? At first nothings seems wrong but once you begin the trek, you will come face to face with swaying dilapidated wooden bridges suspended in thin-air, chilly glaciers, spiky mountains, and strange rock formations.


Still not terrified? There are eerie trails dug out of rocks and stones- and no one knows who did this, may be cannibals!! Dare to walk?

Nanda Devi Base Camp Trail

Best known for its difficult routes that stretch for at least nine days, a trek to Nanda Devi Base Camp is one of the most challenging yet favorite routes of the adventure souls.


It offers marvelous views and amazing flora and fauna along with the majestic Himalayas. Best season for trek is from April to June and September to Mid November.

Pin Parvati Trek, Himachal Pradesh

Known to test both the mental and physical capacity, the expedition to Pin Parvati Trek starts from Kheerganga/Manikaran.


With rough weather and steep path, the maximum elevation of 5319 meter makes this trek one of the most reckless trails in Himachal region. Filled with snowy route, the trek to Pin Parvati is best undertaken from July to September. It is a 12 days trail.

Auden’s Col, Uttarakhand

Situated at a height of 5490 meter, Auden’s Col is tagged as one of the most dangerous treks in India. It connects with Rudugaira valley and Bhilangna valley.


The trek is only recommended for advanced trekker, and make sure to take along a local guide. Trekkers can scout here from June to September.

Lamkhaga Pass

A special permission is required from the Indian Government of India to trail Lamkhaga Pass. It is one of the toughest pass which connects Kinnour district of Himachal Pradesh with Harshil in Uttrakhand.  The trek starts from Chitkul the last Village of sangla valley in Himachal, though hikers can start from Harshil side also.


The trek to Lamkhaga Pass is no child’s play, and that is the reason you will permit- of course for your safety. It is at the maximum elevation of 5284 meters above sea level on the Indo-China border.

Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek

With maximum elevation of 4900 meters, the Kanchenjunga Base Camp is one of the most strenuous treks in the northeastern region of India.


One of the difficult trek route in Sikkim is also the most fascinating one with unmatched views of Mt. Kanchenjunga and colorful floral around. The starting point is from Yuksom.

Kalindi Khal Trek

Loaded with an uneven route, the Kalindi Khal Trek is also known as the Big Daddy of treks in Garhwal Himalaya. It encompasses traversing over snowfields and glaciers.


The trek covers the route from Bhagirathi Valley to Alaknanda Valley, and commences from Gangotri and ends at Badrinath.

Have Suggestions on other treks? Think we missed the List? Be helpful and happy to add more!!