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Its back! The 5th National Association of Street Vendors of India (NASVI) food festival is once again setting up the stage to bring forth the street food vendors from different 25 Indian states, loaded with mouth watering meals and refreshments with added chutneys and garnish of all kinds.


All you Glutton (Add Me too in the list)!!!!

The Festival starts from 23rd December 2016 and the plates get collected by 25th December 2016. You heard it. Right? And if you are unaware, then be known that Billy Bunters shouldn’t be worried about people mocking at their gluttonous appetites- because that’s what these food festivals are for. Eat, hog and burpppppp!!! Who cares? Time to eat as if it’s the end of the world.


Still thinking should you go or not? Stop thinking and reserve the dates (23-24-25 December). I know, you had enough of Dilli ki Chaat but still love to gorge on it-then NASVI’s food festival is the right podium for you. The RUMOR is there will be some 500 vendors from the north-east and down south armed with their local delicacies that include everything between main course to snacks.

‘Time to get Fit Resolution’ can wait till January 2017.

The entry tickets just costs Rs 80 per person per day. Also, you can witness the Indian Ocean performance on 23rd December along with other rock bands. Now isn’t that dual advantage?


And those ardent fans of Sanjeev Kapoor, the Khaana Khazaana’s chef too will be there. So, Moms and Aunts can have a good discussion on homely recipes with him.

Note to Self:

  • Dates: December 23 to 25
  • Venue: Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium
  • Entry: Gate No.14
  • Timings: 12pm to 10pm
  • Other Attractions: Magic shows, Contests & Kunal Kapur of MasterChef fame

Food for the Body is not Enough… There must be Food for the SOUL!!

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