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Every holiday should have a few tidbits of barbeque and games, and if this doesn’t satisfy you, try something that might pump up your testosterone- that might include trekking, rafting, adventure trips, cycling or camping. Noted that both winter and summer makes us lazy in their own style, camping can make that period of the years more fun and transform you in a whole complete level. Here are few Tent Camping Experiences that might catch you up to the basics being the Adventure Seeker.


After halting at Leh, move up to the altitude of the Himalayas stalling from peak to peak, the route to National Himalayan Trekking and Camping Expedition can be both fun and adventurous. Off late, National Himalayan Trekking and Camping Expedition is much in demand and one need to book a spot ASAP. Remember to lose down that extra pound that you have gained gorging on those extra cheese pizzas; else you might end up struggling for air throughout the expedition. There are different packages from National Himalayan Trekking and Camping Expedition starting from Rs. 4200 inclusive of food, boarding, lodging, equipments, insurance etc.


Camping at Tso moriri is a lifetime experience and you will end up with a story to share with your friends and family. There is a beautiful lake at the site that injects a sense of mystery to camping. The lake freezes during the winter, so it is recommended to enroll for Tso moriri Camp around May to get the splendid glimpse of sun setting down the lake is wonderful experience. Tso moriri Camp  is situated on Tso moriri Lake (240 Kms from Leh) in the Changthang area at an altitude of 4,595 m (15,080 ft) in Ladakh and is one of the largest of the High Altitude Lakes in the region. There are different packages.


The idea of sleeping in the tents in the lap of Himalayas always sounds fun. And with a river nearby, the Sarchu Adventure Camping gets a lot of attention from the adventure lovers. Located in the border of Himalayas and Jammu and Kashmir, the camp is mostly used for overnight stay as the temperature here drops to minus six degrees. The Sarchu camp is equipped with well maintained tents and other necessary amenities.


No, they won’t make you a meal for the wild cats, but will for surely give you a complete wildlife experience. You will get to live in tent and go for regular rides through the Gir forest. Organized by Camps of India, the infrastructure includes Swiss tents, meal and jungle fun.

DUBARE CAMP with Elephants

The Dubare Camp is well known for elephant training sites amongst the travel enthusiasts. Located in a tropical zone of Karnataka, the Dubare Camp is an ideal place for travelers to have direct wildlife experience. Visitors can give elephants scrub, and enjoy flora surrounding at the camp.


This is an exceptional drive to Corbett, where you will indulge in six glorious days of fishing and angling trip at Ramganga River where one can catch giant catfish, Indian trout and Mahseer. A good stretch of 24 kilometers is solely reserved for angling. The camp includes luxurious stay and pampering meals.


Escalated over a large piece of land measuring 8 acres, Bundela Safari is a prepossessing lodge located nearby to majestic Banjaar River. Camping at this camp offers travelers with much more than one can expect. It brings campers close to the nature offering a glimpse of animals in their natural habitat right in the jungle. Moreover, one can visit Kanha National Park and get chance to encounter tigers and other wild animals.

“Away is a place where it’s not about the money you spend.It’s about the moments you share.”