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Traveling SOLO and boast a lot about YOLO? Stop then! Think before you pack your bag now. Its time we recreate the magic once again, and Travel Places in India for Holidays with our Parents.

I don’t remember when my parents last went for a vacation! But I do remember that how they have spent most of their lives in one place, making sure we kids grew up well and could travel the world. Most of their lives, my parents either worked hard to fulfill our dreams or save the salary for our studies.

After all the sacrifices and care they showered, they too need some respite too- it is time to return the favor. India, a home to diverse backgrounds and myriad cultures offer some of the best holiday destinations where we can take our parents to.

Here we have listed few places that are not just laden with picturesque landscapes, but are also known for their historical, wild and absolutely jaw-dropping beauty that we would love to accompany our parents to:

Alleppey: Backwaters Galore

Located in the God’s Own Country, the Kerala, Alleppey is best known for its emerald green backwaters. The backwaters at Alleppey make for a fetching destination. I am sure that we all agree that our parents deserve to be treated with the divine gifts of nature, leaving all their stress behind. You would love to see them glee as they step first on the houseboat, and cherish each moment as the boat moves along the quiet waters giving views of the breathtaking landscapes around.

Jaipur: Land of the Royals

I know it would be not wise to take your parents to a city as bustling as Jaipur, but pampering them with a fine tryst of royalty at the Pink City will be worth the effort. Jaipur with majestic structures, cultural extravaganza and delightful hospitality plays as a good host to your parents. Take them on an elephant ride at the Amer Fort and visit the splendid Nahargarh and Jaigarh Forts. Treat them with delicious Dal Bati Churma, Ker Sangri, Boondo Raita and other Rajasthani food at Chokhi Dhani. Pay a visit to Johri Bazaar for impressive gemstone work and jewellery. I am they will love this new experience.

Kashmir: Heaven on Earth

Crowned as the mini Switzerland, Kashmir attracts travelers from all over the world. Called as the Heaven on the Earth, our parents can experience surreal and magical beauty. Cosseted in the Himalayas, Kashmir is sure to make our parents reminisce the classic Bollywood flicks and make them ride delightful shikara on the dreamy Dal Lake. Parents can also shop on the floating market on the lake from the shikara itself.

Ooty: Queen of Hills

Located in Tamil Nadu, Ooty is one of the most popular hill stations of South India, and is known as the Queen of Hill Stations because of its its breathtaking kaleidoscopic visual treats and soul stirring experiences. The place is surrounded with rare flora species, tea gardens, well maintained lawns and tranquil atmosphere makes it a picturesque destination. Parents can relax on the laps of this pleasant hill station.

Shillong: Scotland of the East

Located amidst the rolling valleys, the capital of Meghalaya, Shillong is surrounded with high plateaus, cascades and winding rivers that showcase nature’s true splendour. Also known as the Scotland of the East, Shillong is defines your parents’ idea of an ideal vacation is. Architected by the British as their summer retreat, one can feast their eyes on postcard perfect Umium Lake.

Coorg: Land of Coffee and Hills

Coorg in Karnataka is another winsome place to accompany your parents for the trip. Referred as the Land of Coffee and Hills, Coorg is also laden with waterfalls, pretty environs and rich flora and fauna. The landscape here is ideal to life up the spirits of our parents. Make sure to take your parents to rahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuaries and Nagarhole National Park to spot some Asiatic elephants, tigers, leopards and wild boars.

Manali: Paradise on Earth

When young and able and Married, most of the people do travel to Manali. I am not sure if our parents have made a trip there or not, but Manali can still be an ideal place for them to retreat. With its beautiful landscape, Manali is an ideal destination for your parents too. Located at Himachal Pradesh, this stunning hill station is covered snowy peaks and landscape so perfect that it reminiscent of a post card.

Did you find the perfect place to travel with your parents? Have Suggestions on other destinations? Think we missed the List? Be helpful and happy to add more!!