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The Ministry of Tourism has launched the Incredible India 2.0 Campaign to position India as a Must Experience destination amongst overseas travelers and to increase foreign tourist arrivals to the country.The Ministry of Tourism is revamping its strategy to market India as a preferred destination for both domestic as well as foreign tourists, with an eye on doubling traffic from both segments.

The strategy for the Incredible India 2.0 Campaign will aim at moving to the next level of promotion and marketing with a shift from the present generic promotions being undertaken across the world to market specific and focused promotional plans and product specific content creation.The objective of the Incredible India 2.0 Campaign is to promote India as a holistic destination and various tourism products including spirituality, medical and wellness will be promoted through this Campaign.

The films have been shot over a period of twenty days across locations in Delhi, Konohoma (Nagaland), Majuli Islands (Assam), Kaziranga, Agra, Jaipur, Chettianad, Madurai, Kohima, Kochi, Allepey and Kolkata.

Apart from television, these spots will be promoted across digital and social media platforms, leveraging data from CNN AIM (Audience, Insights and Measurement) to reach specific target audiences.