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Whether you are enjoying a break from your typical boring 9 to 5 schedule, a gap year after school/college or indulge in just an extended expedition- backpacking has always involved more in-depth preparation than the usual vacations or week-off checklist.

How to handle transportation, how far to stretch the budget, trekking between various checkpoints, what to eat- and while constantly being on the go, backpackers (layman in trekking) can take some careful considerations:

Follow the first rule of Backpacking- Checklist

There are some of the basic items you should carry with you while backpacking. What other items would you have on you? Leave your ideas at the comment section!

Make sure that you are perfectly fit

Medical checkup should be the first and foremost priority before planning a backpacking trip. During the travelers suffer from cold, stomach upset and pain. Consider postponing the trip if the health condition is getting too severe.

Plan the budget

One of the important factors of the backpacking is the expenses incurred in accommodation, transfers, food etc. Plan out how much money would be needed for the excursion? Make sure to carry a little extra than what has been estimated. You never know what emergency you might end up with?



Read, research or Google as much as you can about the places you will be visiting. It is good to know more about the route and places not just for safety concern but also it helps in saving a lot of time while travelling. Proper research helps in further planning of the backpacking trip.

Proper scheduling is a must


Make sure to create a comprehensive schedule when you are planning the much awaited adventure; the schedule should be designed as per the situation and climatic condition of the location. Also, keep in mind to inform someone about your trip- so that you can get aid in case you get stuck into some problem.

Know the native language


It is good to know a little bit of native language, especially if you are travelling to other states. Food, water, please, thanks, washroom and route are few common words that you should learn or at least write down in diary while visiting states in north-east, south and south-west. You never know how far these simple words can take you further in your journey.

Eat like locals do


Yes- a lavish restaurant might sound hygienic, but what’s the fun if you miss the authentic curry from the native local market. Follow the locals and find those empty Dhabas serving delicious parathas, chutneys and pulses. Also, the food in local markets is cheap.

Stay safe

Note to self: Avoid carrying large amounts of cash. Avoid getting into arguments because of the latest infamous political conditions or personal ideologies. Remember, you are travelling- not preaching here. Make sure to take extra care of your belongings while in bus stops, railways or markets. Keep cash in 4-5 different places including your rucksack.

Check your limitations


If you are not sure of walking long distances, make sure to cover short distances in a go. Walk for an hour, take a short 10 minutes breather and start again. You are one who is well aware of one’s physical strength and stamina, so keep your limitations checked.

Most Importantly- Don’t litter


Of course, it goes without saying that as a good smartian and an India, we pledge not to litter when trailing the valleys, countryside or jungles. Make sure to bring back the trash with you- do not throw.


Backpacking might be not as difficult as trekking- but still it needs wits, guts and endurance to reach the destination. It is challenging but you will end up enjoying it to the fullest when you let yourself open up to new experiences and unpredictable events. Willingness, patience, guts, planning are the key to a successful backpacking- but also make sure to check the travelling tips before setting foot on the terrain.

Have Suggestions on other tips and advice? Think we missed the List? Be helpful and happy to add more!!