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If vacation updates on your Facebook feeds are filled with albums featuring Goa, Kerala and Andaman and Nicobar islands- all popular spots for water sports and activities, then Jal Mahotsav 2017 is sure to give you a memorable watercation. Located at Hanuwantiya Island in Madhya Pradesh, then Jal Mahotsav is where you should go to experience the India’s largest water carnival.

Hanuwantiya Jal Mahotsav 2017, an 80-day long water carnival in India celebrates the natural beauty inherited by the state of Madhya Pradesh and brings tourists close and personal to the adventure activities such as water zorbing, parasailing, paramotoring and many others. Even though it’s a water carnival, there’s still plenty to do on land and in the air as well, such as paintball, archery, tug-of-war contests, terrain vehicles for racing pleasure, zip lining, parasailing, paramotoring and hot-air ballooning.For people who prefer less strenuous activities, they can enjoy a variety of experiences such as relaxing spas, luxury camping, yoga sessions, delectable food and the crafts bazaar.If you are worried about accommodations, then Madhya Pradesh tourism has set up luxurious tents on the site, offering picture-perfect sunrise when you wake up in the early morning.A watercation to Jal Mahotsav 2017 has all the elements to reinvigorate your body, mind, and spirit.

Dates and Venue

The Hanuwantiya Jal Mahotsav 2017 already began in October 2017, and will continue till 2nd January 2018 on the Hanuwantiya Island, close to Khandwa district in Madhya Pradesh. Once an untouched island, Hanuwantiya Island is now a glorious spectacle of nature with clean blue waters and clear skies.How to Reach

If you’re already making plans and wondering how to get here – the nearest airport is Indore, just 3 hours away from the Madhya Dweep islands where Hanuwantiya is located. If you’re travelling by rail, you need to get off at Khandwa, 50 km away. And if you prefer the road, then Hanuwantiya is well connected to Indore, Bhopal and Khandwa.