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Now is the time that we start putting 2016 in the rear-view mirror and dream big for the year ahead. It’s a time when we need travel more than ever. Whether you’re a Escapist or a Thrill Seeker, a Pioneer or the Oblivious Traveler, or looking for a round-the-world adventure or short excursions- this is the time to anticipate and start planning your Travel Calendar 2017.

The 1st Day of New Year will mark the opportunity for a fresh start, not just to rethink about career or life but also about how, where and when the journey will begin- to rediscover yourself. Here’s a list of some desperate travel goals- or travel resolution to inspire you in 2017.

No More Excuses

Write it down in BOLD! Swear it that come New Year, I will make 2017 my year to travel. Make this your number one resolution for 2017. It is time to quit procrastinating and start a fresh, and make it reality. There is one thing We Desi’s are good at- we are travel deprived. It is time to remove yourself from that statistic. Write in Bold that I will start traveling more this year, no matter what. Be it funds or simply ‘too busy to travel’ justification- but I will accomplish my traveling goals.

Explore the Home First

It is said that Charity begins at Home. Still, most of us aspire to explore the unknown destinations or the entire world. But have you explored what’s hidden in your hometown? Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Pune, Bangalore!! We hardly know the roads in our towns, the national park or an hour drive to the beautiful lake. Make a resolution to explore the local places this New year, and then, seek to travel t the unknown- so that it gets easier to tell the locals of your dream destinations more about your town.

Set Your Priorities

Let’s accept it: it’s hard to have it all, especially when you wish to travel everywhere. If you truly wish to travel more in 2017, then it is the time to readjust all your priorities. Prioritizing travel over accumulating material objects is sure to alter how you will be spending your life. Make a goal to collect experiences, rather than material objects in 2017.

Travel Somewhere Solo

I understand, you love to take your sweetheart for all trips; but this New Year make sure you travel solo. ALL ALONE! Travelling solo to a foreign unknown destination is a life changing experience. It might be overwhelmingly intimidating but travelling solo outweighs the negatives. Fending for yourself and overcoming barriers and fears in an unfamiliar setting is an immense accomplishment. Plus, the freedom to do what you want, when you want is just like a breath of fresh air.

Step outside Your Comfort Zone

One of the most life-changing things about traveling is that it often puts you step outside of your comfort zone- when you are in a new place with new people, and do new things. Travelling to unknown destinations challenges you to indulge in something you wouldn’t do normally. It might be making new friends, learning new language, cooking, feasting, and even taking a tougher hike or learn more about foreign cultures and tradition.

Make Sustainable Travel a Priority

It is important for all of us to indulge in sustainable traveling and make more use of bicycles, hiking to travel around a city for preserving the communities and landscapes that make our world so special. Let us pick a vacation that involves less use of fueled vehicles, get involve with local NGO and help in preserving our surroundings. Pledge not to throw waste anywhere, rather keep them or use nearby dustbins. It is time we support sustainability and proactive efforts to give back.

Stray off in Spontaneity

Are you the one who have been sticking to the same itinerary every time you travel? Same booking webpage, same mode of transport and same hotel rooms? This New Year, try something off-beat, try new adventures. Stop boarding the flights- rather take a road trips in 2017. Stop searching for luxurious hotels; opt for camping and other types of accommodation. Just wrap that itinerary and throw it away- take the beaten path to the unknown. Follow your heart this time!

Visit at least One New Place

Repetition are Boring!! Make sure to hit the road to some new places this New Year. Eschew the most-visited destinations for one of those unexplored off-beaten settlements that are still untouched from urban chaotic- make sure you follow the rule of Sustainable Travel to such places.

Take Time to Appreciate Nature

Back-to-basics trips far from civilization or tripping on forests and hiking the valleys aren’t for everyone- and that’s OK. If you aren’t fond of backpacking, then there are other ways to appreciate the nature. National parks comes as an easiest introduction; offering at least a few well-marked trails or easily accessible sights; kick off with the highlights of jungles/forests of India.

Invest in Travel

In 2017, make sure to invest in travel more. Open a saving account, or get some travel inspired piggy bank to save some amount for those unplanned trips. Remember- investing in traveling is investing in yourself!! How? Save and Travel- you will get the answer.

Drop the last year into the silent limbo of the past. Let it go, for it was imperfect, and thank God that it can go! Now- TRAVEL…