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Considered as a culturally diversified country, India is divinely beautified in terms of the natural world. Due to this, many passionate photographers from all across the world flock to this country to capture its beauty in photographers through their lenses. A photography tour in India has a whole new dimension added to it with the impeccable diversity and higher on an average photography opportunity. The cuisine, dressing styles, and even, amazing architecture change every few hundred kilometers, makes traveling in India a photographer’s delight. Whether you are carrying on a DLSR or a smartphone, read on to this article and know about some locations where every photographer must travel to for capturing unbelievable pictures.


For photographers who love to capture ruins, South India’s Hampi is a perfect destination. With rocks, boulders and bits of old monuments strewn about everywhere, Hampi is a truly a charmer. The Hampi Bazaar and the ruins whet your camera’s desire with captivating pictures and gloomy sunrise captures. So, when are you planning a visit to Hampi and explore its marvels through your camera lens?


The hunt for the most spectacular places takes photographers to the remotest of destinations. For budding travel photographers in India, the high roads of Ladakh offer an off-the-beaten-path experience where beauty awaits them in full glow. The population density of Ladakh is 8 per square km and for landscape photographers; Ladakh offers a perfect sublime stillness unavailable anywhere else in the country. The journey to Ladakh is a tough one and imparts an important lesson to photographers- that if your photographs are not good enough, maybe you haven’t travelled far enough.


Many of the people restrict their perceptions of Goa to simply beach life. However, Goa offers a rich colonial past telling the story from Portuguese settlements that still influences the local architecture and the churches as well. The Basilica of Bom Jesus, The Church of Saint Francis of Assisi and ancient temples such as Sri Mahalakshmi temple and Shree Shantadurga temple are some of the must visit and photographed places. Goa’s geographical location in the Western Ghats gives it admission to wildlife. Thus, you can spot the leopards, bison, deer, and many more. Besides all, Beaches are the best location to capture the beautiful sunsets.

East Sikkim

This small state bordering the seven sisters of north-east India is a gem hidden in plain sight. Bordered by Nepal and Bhutan on either sides, East Sikkim offers a unique blend of cultures that is still unexplored. Unlike the high Himalayas of the north, the lower Himalayas here offer a stunning panorama easily accessible. The most spectacular destinations such as Zuluk, Gnathang and Tsomgo are accessible by road. In this part of India, a click from the parapet looks as stunning as a frame from over a mountain top.


The first destination for every budding or serious photographer must explore is Rajasthan. This place offer variety of options for every kind of photography. You have water bodies with rich biodiversity, magnificent historical monuments that are popular worldwide for their unique craftsmanship, a huge variety of birds in its animal sanctuaries and much more to shoot. The vibrant art scene, the colors on the streets and ancient forts such as Chittorgarh Fort and Kumbhalgarh Fort have another story to tell. The changing game of the light at the horizon demands persistence and is sure to keep photographers busy to achieve perfection. From the culture of the arid deserts to the royal palaces and luxurious resorts, you will be spoiled for choice and definitely come back for more.


What takes photographers on long and arduous journeys across the world? It’s the hunt for originality. For travel photographers in India, villages in the Himalayas have been a matter of intrigue and one such gem of a location is Chitkul in Himachal Pradesh, the last Indian village on the Tibet border. The unique and rarely documented pristine mountains capes of Chitkul are one of the very few accessible locations in India where the spectacular glaciers stand at the stretch of a hand. Whether it is the overpowering view of the Himalayas or the force of the mighty Bapsa River, it’s the strength of nature that speaks out of the frames from Chitkul.


Varanasi with its spiritual and vintage charm gives you some unique photographs. Uttar Pradesh’s biggest draw gets our votes for its deluge of 80 river Ghats along the River Ganga. Manikarnika Ghat is the best recommended spot to take pictures.


With backwaters, forts, beaches, palm trees, fishermen, hamlets and churches, Kerala is one of the most photogenic things God ever made (they call it God’s Own Country). You should be there with your camera dangling across your neck and vouchers of India tour packages clutched firmly in your hands. Cochin (especially Fort Kochi), Munnar and Alleppey are the recommended spot to click pictures.


The capital of West Bengal is your best getaway for capturing hand-drawn rickshaw pullers, old buildings from the Raj era and the snail-paced trams. Esplanade, Park Street, Kalighat Temple, Howrah Bridge are always favorite with the photographers.

Photography is the form of Time Travel !!