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What’s better than revisiting history? History that you can see, feel, touch, taste and experience in its various forms; that unfolds as a 17th century stories, with remnants of a distant past. A story from a fishing village in the coastal belt of Tamil Nadu that survived the Tsunami of 2004: The story of Tharangambadi.

It is easy to understand why, in Tamil, this place is called Tharangambadi – land of the singing waves! Simply because, the roar of the sea is one can hear, the skies open up, and the rain beats a rhythmic tattoo on the roof, adding an element of percussion to the musical note of the waves. Sitting alone on an easy chair somewhere in seaside bungalow, watching the interplay between the sky and the sea, it feels like nature is putting up a show, complete with a musical symphony! The town is famous among the travelers with Danish name- Tranquebar.

Tharangambadi or Tranquebar, in Tamilnadu is also known as the little Denmark just 3 hours away from Pondicherry. A remote fishing village on Tamil Nadu’s coastal belt, Tharangambadi is best known for its erstwhile role as a port for trade between India and the Dutch lands. In fact, the predominant architecture in the area is still Dutch, although some of the landscape has been altered by the tsunami. The Dansborg Fort that Danes built still stands, reminding of their glorious Danish era.

Danes landed in Tharangambadi with intent of trading, but initially fell in love with the solitude this small coast village offered. Its calm shores and indescribable charm, is sure to draw the travelers from corners of the country, giving an opportunity to experience Danish lifestyle in a 17th century bungalow- at Neemrana Group of Hotels. The Danish colony welcomes travelers through its huge town gate.

One can stroll through all of Tharangambadi in less than five hours, that’s how small the town is. Travelers can stay near the beach on bungalows and guest houses, with an access to magnificent view of the sea flanked by the Dutch fort on the bay. Also, there are plenty of other things to see, an 18th century printing press that is now converted into a boys’ hostel, India’s oldest protestant church and a host of homes in Dutch and Tamil architectural styles.

Reaching Tharangambadi

It will be bit pain to find Tharangambadi, especially if you’re not from Tamil Nadu. The town is 3-4 hours drive from Pondicherry- and about 275 Km (6-7 hours) from Chennai via road.

Recommended to People who enjoy history, love to be around seaside, need some quiet time with loved ones, and explore Danish wonders.