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Manipur the jeweled land is perhaps the least explored state of North East India by tourists and travelers. The tiny state of Northeast India isn’t just about spectacular monuments, glitzy development, picture perfect landscapes but more of experiencing the subtle and the surreal. While planning a trip to Northeast, (by default) do include Manipur as well and explore the jewels that this tiny state holds close to its bosom. The surrounding is blessed with temperate weather and it is comfortable round the year except during monsoon months of June to August. Here is a list of all the best places you must visit during your trip to the Jewelled Land.


The bustling capital city of the state lies in a heart shaped valley 790 m above sea level. It is a melting pot of various tribes that constitute the populace of Manipur. Tourist attractions in Manipur are mostly located in and around the city. While you are in Imphal you must visit Manipur State Museum, Keibul Lam Jao National Park, Khonghampat Orchidarium, Sekta Archaeological Living Museum, Red Hill Lokpaching, Manipur Zoological Gardens, Jama Masjid, Matai Garden, Sirohi National Park, Shree Govindajee Temple and Kangla Fort.


The place features a Vishnu temple with peculiar Chinese influence besides the Loktak Lake and also the Red hill, where a fierce battle between the British and the Japanese took place during the World War II.


The beautiful valleys located almost in the skies, the lovely sparkling sky, the air (fresher than ever), the wild flora and the overall setting seeming to have just grabbed from some Hollywood movie, Ukhrul is a dreamland. You can visit the Shirui Kashung Peak, Shirui Kashung, Nillai Tea Estate, Kachouphung Lake, Ango Ching, Khayang Peak, Khangkhui Cave, and Hundung Mangva Cave. The activities such as camping, trekking and hiking etc. are obviously available for all the tourists.


Moirang is a small and beautiful town near the Loktak lake about 45 kms from Imphal. It is one of the main centres of early Meitei folk culture. It has an ancient temple dedicated to the pre-Hindu deity Lord Thangjing. Men and women decorate themselves in colourful traditional attire and celebrate ‘Lai Haraoba’, a ritual dance festival in the month of May every year.

Keibul Lamjao National Park

Keibul Lamjao National Park is the only floating National Park in the world. It is on the Loktak Lake and is the last natural habitat of the Sangai deer of Manipur. A glimpse of the deer in this unique wetland ecosystem is a must for any wildlife enthusiast.


The land of Hornbill is as unique and captivating as Chandel in its surroundings. The rare herbs, spices, flora and fauna make the place an exquisite Hamlet in the Indian subcontinent. The numerous lakes, waterfalls, hills, valleys and lots of greenery fills your heart and mind with content and life.


The place is still 80% unexplored owing to the dense forests, hills, gorges, lakes and other natural hindrances which are actually the main tourist attractions. The region has preserved its originality owing to this less exploration and all the tourists find the place a scintillating hill station with exuberant natural surroundings.


A prominent tourist place of Manipur on the Indo-Burma road, Moreh falls under the Chandel district. Since Moreh is placed on the border areas hence one can also get a glimpse of Myanmar from here.

Loukoi Pat

This tiny lake near the Tiddim Road (Imphal) on NH 150 is a retreat for visitors from both within and outside the state. Its vast expanse of water with both resident & migratory birds offers scope for shooting, fishing and boating.


Situated on the Indo-Burma road 36 km from Imphal, this is a place of greatest historic importance. A war memorial on the top of this scenic hill feature adds charm to this heroic site. Khongjom day is celebrated as a state holiday on every year on April 23.