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The call of the unknown land is exciting and experiencing is an out of the world feeling. For one who loves Nature, Meghalaya is an action packed thriller. The state also called as the The Abode of Clouds in northeastern India is a region that receives the highest of rainfall compared to any other place in the world. The rain is a result of the yearly monsoons – dense clouds arising from the Bay of Bengal which head towards India and end up colliding with the high plateaus to pour themselves out in an aggressive manner. This unique climatic phenomenon has been much responsible for carving the landscape of Meghalaya, and turning the region into a paradise of sorts for those wanderlust souls seeking an escape.

Video Credits: Meghalaya Tourism

The video features the true essence of the this beautiful state; its majestic hills, spectacular waterfalls, dense forests and valleys makes the state a heaven to nature lovers.

Touring Meghalaya is definitely a great experience as the richness of nature captivates your soul. The tasks that await you in your life, ending deadlines, postponed meetings and every other factor connected with the materialistic world loses value when you are here. Have a great time in the land and do pass on more information about the tourist destinations in Meghalaya that I have not included here.