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Malana’s premium marijuana (Malana Cream) has been a chief attraction among tourists for several decades. But this new decree will pose a huge problem as the God has Spoken. Malana’s local deity, Jamlu wants all hotels and guesthouses to shut down. An ancient Himalayan village known for India’s best hash is now off limits for tourists- by the order of the God. Yes, you read that right.

After communion with their local deity, Jamlu; the villagers of the ancient and isolated Himalayan village, have decided that tourists and travelers traversing into the village to lose themselves to the pleasures of Malana Cream a strain of cannabis with a high oil content and intense aroma, shall not score anymore further. If it is to be believed then their God, Jamlu through an oracle has commanded the villagers to shut down all the restaurants and guest houses, and concentrate on safeguarding the local culture and traditions. Going through their beliefs, villagers of Malana stay away from staying, marrying or eating outside the community. Moreover, Influence from foreign lands and even from other communities outside is not to be entertained.

As reported in Hindustan Times-“The deity did not want any of the villagers to rent out their property for running guest houses and restaurants. Those violating his orders will have to bear the brunt of his curse.”

And if you are still wondering what we are talking about then you need to get out of that room, or just Google all about Malana in Himachal Pradesh. It is an isolated village nestled in the Himalayas and is quite popular for Malana Cream- the village is characterized by its idiosyncratic dialect and its inhabitants, who are said to be descendants of Alexander’s army. As much as Malana is known for its premium quality hash, the locals also pride themselves on their authentic tradition and culture. The isolated village, which has a population of hardly a few thousand, is known to have dozen guest houses- but not anymore.

Located in the Parvati Valley, Malana’s around 593 acres land is under cannabis cultivation, which produced over 12,000 kg of hashish in 2016. But it seems like the tale of the Malana Cream is about to change.