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With an aim to help the Indian travelers’ travel and ease their exploring, Kayak, a leading travel search engine has launched its first Travel Hacker Guide for India.According to the release, Kayak has analyzed 1.5 billion+ annual travel search queries to create this Guide. The Guide provides insights, travel tips and rankings of the popular and top trending destinations, along with the most affordable cities to visit and the best times to book flights for efficient travel in 2018. The Guide’s ‘When to Book’ feature allows the Indian travelers to feed in their home airport and desired destinations, to scroll through affordable prices.

Speaking on the development, Abhijit Mishra, Regional Manager, India & Middle East of Kayak, said, “We believe the Travel Hacker Guide is an exciting tool which will offer a lot of benefits to Indian travelers. We feel it’s a great addition to our suite of smart travel tools and features which we hope will help give Indian holidaymakers the best, most reliable information they need to plan their travel with confidence.”‘‘The Travel Hacker Guide not only ranks cities based on how they fare in terms of searches, it also provides median hotel rates and flight costs and a selection of popular and trending hotels in each destination. It acts as a reference for users on when to book, where to go, interesting hacker tips, and sightseeing locations for each destination,’’ Mishra added.