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Kausani a peaceful picturesque paradise amidst the Kumaon district of Uttarakhand and a weekend getaway from Delhi and adjacent areas.

I remember going to Kausani with my family few years back. But, what I still remember is its beauty and serenity. It was an offbeat destination at that time. But, I fell in love with the nature. Mighty Mountains and panoramic view of Trishul, Nanda Devi and Panchachuli peaks, waterfalls, tributaries and what not. It was truly mesmerizing and I thank my parents for taking me there.

One morning we woke up with the melodious chirping of the birds and decided to explore the places around by trekking and going down the valleys through the so called pakhdandi. There we saw a nice horse stable for the first time… and moving down further, I saw the most beautiful thing- a small waterfall, with slippery stones around it and we loved slipping ourselves into that water every time we got up on that. It was truly an amazing time we had that morning and we ended up staying in that place playing with each other for nearly three hours with no one around us.


Then there were Kausani tea estates which provides one of the finest tea of the world. We went in there and saw the women plucking tea leaves and collecting it in their baskets. Gosh ! what a view it was. Also, sipping tea sitting in the lap of the nature is altogether a different experience one could have.


Next we went to ancient Baijnath temple where the river flew with transparent water in it and the big fishes were clearly seen swimming inside. Amidst that suddenly we could hear the voice of azaan (call of prayer) signifying true beauty of India where even in the remotest parts people are living together happily and students utilizing there old notebooks by tearing off the sheets from them and selling fish food for their own pocket money.


Truly India is a place where if you even spend your life exploring it, your life would be less and in each place, you can go all over again and yet experience something different each time you visit.

Submitted by Transpost Wanderer: Sadaf