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Barbells, dumbbells, calf machines, smith machine or pull up bars, and other gym equipments are not meant for everyone- not everyone is a gym addict. Some of us like take long walks, dive deep into the sea or run along the narrow paths of the woods. If you are amongst those who rarely set a date with gym once in a year, then worry not there are other ways to put fitness in your life. Travel, and travel more. Yes, traveling with an aim to get into a shape can be both fun and adventurous. Here is a list of activities that help us to stay fit even if we travel a lot.


Believe it or not, trekking might be a rigorous task for some, but it is one of the ideal traveling activities to shed those extra pounds in a short period of time. Take a trek of minimum 3-5 Km on a steep incline daily with simplest meals to shed some weight down. And a week long trek to the mountains of Himachal or Uttarakhand can help one lose around 4-5 Kg. Moreover, the trek also becomes fun and apart from fitness, it brings adventure back in your life.

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Whenever we travel, we reach out for those delicious mouth watering meals- that’s the same KFC chicken, McDonald’s Burgers and Domino’s Pizzas. But we rarely look at the local food. Trust me, when traveling- the local food is the best option. Instead of booking a luxurious hotel room and devouring all the unhealthy dishes that might upset your tummy, just live in a local area and eat like a local. How about gulping delicious Goan Fish curry rather than chomping on KFC’s Smoky Grilled.

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Even our elders have been telling us for years that Walking is the best exercise ever, and it never gets old. A human body is capable of covering over 20 Km a day on foot. Of course, gyms do provide many other comfortable options, but walking has always been considered as healthier and fun- especially when it is done on natural terrains rather than treadmills. Stop taking Taxis or autos if you are visiting new places rather walk and explore the area. And when you are traversing the mountains, hiking to the destination is the easiest route to fitness.

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Of course, you don’t need to travel to climb stairs, but you can make a habit of taking stairs while using metro. And there might be chances that while traveling you will need to climb stairs- it is advisable don’t skip it. From climbing up the stairs in railway stations to reaching café in a skyscraper, always, always make sure to use stairs. When traveling, make sure you get a room at least on a first floor of the hotel.

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If all of the above fitness options seems basic to you, then I challenge you to get enrolled in a 30 day mountaineering course. It is a once in a lifetime experience, which will leave you with skills and survival tips that are sure to come handy in your travel expeditions. There are several mountaineering institutes in India that offer courses for both beginners and pro up to 30 days. If you are still thinking, stop thinking and try to get yourself enrolled in one such institute now. The course will make you trek the toughest routes, climb the mountains, spend a night in tent, and it won’t just make you walk whole day, but will also help you get a fitter body.

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