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What’s the point of life on the road in a mobile home if you’re only restricted to where the asphalt leads? At least that’s the question photographer Stefan Forster asked himself before deciding to build out this epic camper truck based off a Toyota Hilux. Dubbed the Expedition V1 and nicknamed, Úlfur (Icelandic for “wolf”) this is one intense 4×4 off-road capable vehicle.

Over the course of a year and with the help of Geocar, Hurter Off-road, and Arctic Trucks Iceland, this Hilux made the transition from ordinary pickup to extraordinary backcountry vehicle. It’s powered by a 3.0L 225hp diesel engine and boasts a custom-made cabin complete with all the amenities Stefan and fellow travelers could want. Additionally, the Expedition also hosts a slew of off-road features outfitted for even the harshest of conditions.

We’re talking a TJM snorkel, a WARN cable, HELLA lights, front and rear differential locks, underbelly protection, and an internal radio control unit among many others. Is it for sale? Absolutely not. Will it motivate you to start saving and build your own? Absolutely.


Hope the custom made Toyota Hilux Expedition V1 Camper gets to hit the India Off roads soon in future.